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Technical Advisory Committee


The rapid pace at which developments in technologies occur and the time sensitive nature of funding opportunities has necessitated the creation of a technical group. The TennSMART Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling the mission and carrying out the activities of TennSMART.

The TennSMART TAC has six mission elements:

  1. Support the strategic direction of TennSMART as established by the Board of Directors by providing subject matter expert technical knowledge.

  2. Inform the TennSMART Board of Directors and membership on activities related to the research, testing, and deployment of intelligent mobility technologies.

  3. Inform the TennSMART Board of Directors on existing and future rules, regulations, and legislative efforts that impact the focus areas of the consortium.

  4. Support the education of public policy makers and citizens of Tennessee on intelligent mobility technologies.

  5. Identify funding and intelligent mobility pilot opportunities and help facilitate member engagement in the five TennSMART Focus Areas.

  6. Support the development and dissemination of technical content for membership meetings.


The membership of the TennSMART TAC will consist of subject matter experts from both the public and private sector, which include a wide range of professionals from research institutions and academia to practitioners in the field of intelligent mobility.

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