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Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge

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Imagine a platform where you can gain exposure to one of the most dynamic sectors of our time.

TennSMART is partnering with The Company Lab (CO.LAB) to produce the inaugural Sustainable Mobility Reverse Pitch Challenge.

This exciting new program brings together industry experts, corporations, and researchers to call for big solutions to real-world problems in sustainable mobility. The first Reverse Pitch Challenge will feature four problems facing the industry:

  • Smart integration of the supply chain

  • Workforce optimization in logistics

  • Charging infrastructure

  • Quantum connection


By participating in this challenge, you gain access to mentorship, unparalleled resources, and a vast network of industry experts eager to champion your startup.  

Don’t just be part of the future—be the force that shapes it. 


Apply now through November 10 for the Reverse Pitch Challenge! 

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