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Smart Mobility Challenge


The Smart Mobility Challenge is an entrepreneurship-based competition organized by TennSMART with support from LaunchTN.

This startup pre-accelerator program facilitates the transfer of technology from the research institution to the market. Over 10 weeks, we showcase real intellectual property and form mock companies with real founders to build an investable business opportunity.

The program takes place biannually and offers university students and postdoctoral fellows from Tennessee's premier research institutions, as well as founders from the public, entrepreneurship education in the commercialization of technology.

  • Value Proposition for Program Participants

    • Hands-on experience creating a viable company based on real IP.

    • Education in entrepreneurship, commercialization, and fundamental business principles.

    • Up to $10k in prize money.

    • Opportunity to participate in an accelerator program post Challenge to continue developing the company.

    • Networking with industry leaders and mentor.

  • Value Proposition for IP Holders, Universities and Research Institutions

    • Investor-quality business deck with accompanying data on market segmentation and viability for the foster IP.

    • Engagement with industry partners and potential for follow-on development and investment.

  • Value Proposition for the Ecosystem​​

    • Viable companies to boost the industry via economic development and job creation.

    • New founders eager to break into the market.

    • Investment deal flow opportunities with InvestTN and capital investment sources.

    • Strengthened ties between research institutions and industry partners.

If you are interested in being a participant founder,

fill out this form.

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